Notes and News from the City

Thanks to everyone who left comments.  It's another day in the city.  Since the pictures that I uploaded before I left home didn't end up in the right place, I going to add them to this post so they will have a home.



These photographs were taken about a month ago.  It had been very foggy, then overnight the temperature dropped into the single digets.  The fog froze on everything, leaving a world of pure magic.  The pictures, from left to right, show the hoar frost (as the old timers call it) on the needles of a pine tree, around a pipe in a gate, covering a barbed wire fence, and on our mailbox.  I took pictures that morning until by hands were frozen!  Let me know if you would like to see more. 




This is three Christmas stockings that I made in 2006.  I like some of the design elements in each of them, but they are each lacking something.  The ones of the left and the right were made by machine quilting the fabric after I cut out the shape.  I drew lines on the muslin that I used as backing.  The one in the center is made from rag quilted squares.  I sewed the squares together into a rough "L" shape, then cut out the stocking.  The one of the left is decorated with a rag quilted four patch, while the one on the right has a minature log cabin. 







This log cabin square started out to be a design element for another stocking, but it was too big, so I turned it into a potholder.  I machine quilted the log cabin square onto a backing square with batting in the middle, then attached that square to a denim square that was slightly bigger than the log cabin square. 







These are the stockings that I made last month.  I'm still not happy with them.  The pink one is machine quilted and the red and green one is ragged squares.  The log cabin above was supposed to go on the pink stocking, but it wouldn't fit!  I did change the shape of the stockings, and I like that better, but they still need something. 





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