My new rag quilted table runner

When I went to the dryer to take out the table runner that I finished yesterday, I realized that I had forgotten to clip around the edges!  Not a big deal, but I did have to take it back down to my sewing room, clip the edges, and then run it through another cycle in the washer and dryer.  Here's the finished runner.



Sorry it is upside down.  I still have a lot to learn about inserting pictures!  The design is the same one that I had laid out last week, but I like this arrangement much better.  There was something wrong with the values in the first lay-out.  Janet Wickell talks about values in one of her articles at  I know it when I see it, or at least when I leave it and come back to it.  This is a good pattern to use if you buy a set of holiday squares on eBay.  This set of squares came mostly from Wal-Mart, except the black ones.  They were in a set of Valentine's Day squares that I got from cajunelle on eBay.  One of the red hearts came from  If you go to and register, you can get on their mailing list.  Every day you will get an email message about a different fabric that is on sale that day.  Most of them aren't quilting fabrics, but sometimes they are. 

I didn't get any more work done on the blocks last night.  My hubby wanted me to finish working on his farm records.  If I had been a good girl and kept them up to date, it wouldn'thave been a big deal, but as it was, I was way behind and had to do a lot of catch up!  Hope no one else does stuff like that!!  I should be able to finish that up this morning.  Then I need to ship a couple of things that I have sold on eBay, and do a little bit of laundry.  Then I get to sew!

My daughter goes in to work at 11:00 tonight, so I need to be back in the city by 9:00.  Have a good day!

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2 Responses to My new rag quilted table runner

  1. Bellerose says:

    Country, it's beautiful! You do such nice work. I can't wait to make my first rag quilted anything. 🙂
    I can so relate to not keeping up with things. My husband has been teasing me about needing to file paperwork because it's really building up. Of course I find time to blog and do all the other things I like to do. *sigh* The filing can wait.

  2. Good luck on your first rag quilted anything. I started with place mats, but a runner is just as easy. Or just make a nine patch square to use in the center of the table or on the counter. I'm planning to do a post later day about how to figure out how much fabric you will need for your project. Have to put away my daugher's laundry first, then feed the baby!

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