Rag quilting in the city



Here is the lay out for the red, white, and denim table runner.  I liked this lay out but thought it needed something.










I added satin stitched hearts to the denim squares.  I'm still not sure that is the best I can do, but I put it together anyway.










After I had it put together, washed, dried, and pictures taken, I realized that the second block from the bottom is turned wrong.  I didn't take it apart to fix it.  It is officially an U.F.O. for now anyway.  I'm going to have to find some inspiration to tackle it again.  I should have looked at my picture before I sewed the blocks together!

I think I would like it better if I appliqued hearts on the denim squares.  May try doing that on top of the satin stitched ones. 

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One Response to Rag quilting in the city

  1. I'm back in the city. Girls are all back in school, so it's just me and the baby!

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