Happy Valentine’s Day to all my neighbors and rag quilters!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. 

I can't believe it!  I actually got another picture to load!

Here is the table runner I made yesterday for St. Patrick's Day.  I quilted the shamrocks, then rag quilt appliqued them to the quilted denim squares.  I used an extra layer of fabric and stitched the seams at 5/8 inch to make them more of a design element. 

I don't use a pattern for the shamrocks.  Each segment of the leaf is cut freehand from a 4" square that is stitched with an X, just like the ones in a rag quilt.  I used Warm and Natural batting and muslin backing.  Then I folded each square along one of the stitching lines and held it with the fold toward the palm of my left hand.  Then I cut out a shape almost exactly like you would cut out a heart, except that the top is more rounded, with only a slight dip in the center.  There are three shapes in each shamrock.  The stem is the shape that is left over after cutting out the petal.  It is the upper right section of the cut-away.  I cut it out, leaving the stitching at each end to keep everything together.  Then I stitch each piece one at a time to the quilted denim square, starting with the stem.  I use a straight stitch close to the edge.  The edges will curl up slightly, revealing the backing.  The only difference in the basic squares is that is this case, I make the batting the same size as the top and backing since you are cutting out a shape that goes almost all the way to the edge.  I don't worry about each shape being exactly the same.  A little variation looks better.  I like to quilt the large squares, then apply the appliqued shapes because I just position them and start stitching.  I use pressure from my left hand and my trusty seam ripper in the right hand to turn the whole piece under the needle.  Sometimes I have to raise the pressure foot and turn everything, but I can usually stitch and turn at the same time. 

Now to see if I can get my pictures to load on Etsy.  I may have to wait until I go back to the city tomorrow. 

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2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day to all my neighbors and rag quilters!

  1. SweetMisery says:

    Very nice. I am part Irish/German. My mother claims more Irish. lol She would love this.

  2. She looks like a nice Irish lady. Give her a hug for me! Mine has been gone for several years already.

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