Rag quilting back in the city


Here's one of the Easter table runners that I made while I was home.  Had to come back to the city this morning, but at least this computer is working so I can catch up on posting pictures of my projects.  I got everything listed on Etsy this morning, so there are more pictures there. 



Here's a spring table runner with fabric from Cajunelle.  The dark pink matches a dark pink in the butterfly print. 






Here's the last table runner that I finished last night.  I got the idea for the pinwheels from an applique pattern that I talked about earlier.  Can't remember where it was, sorry!  They stitched their pinwheels down flat, but I like them 3-D.  I made them by gluing two 4 inch squares together with Stitch Witchery.  Then I drew lines in from the points and marked the centers.  Next I cut in about half way to the center from each corner, and cut a slit in the center.  I tacked the points to the center with the sewing machine, then I sewed buttons to the center of each denim square.  The pinwheels are buttoned on to the runner so they can be removed to wash the runner.  The pinwheels are bright orange on the outside, and bright pink on the inside.  You can see a close up of one of them on Etsy. 

I made three more fabric note cards, but I will wait until tomorrow to post pictures of them.  If you can't wait, take a look at www.countrybydesign.etsy.com.

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