Spring in the country

I took my camera outside after dinner tonight to see if I could capture a bit of spring.  The blooms on our nineteen year old flowering crabapple tree just opened up today.  It is really pretty.  It was also nice to see that is was full of bees. 


This red bud tree is about 10 years old, but it isn't very tall.  The blooms aren't open yet, but I like the way the light is hitting the tip of this branch. 

I worked on by new Moda lovie this afternoon, but I ran out of white flannel for the backing and batting.  So tonight I started on a couple of dresses for my twin granddaughters who will soon be three years old.  I'm trying to change the pattern.  It has ties on the shoulders, and I want to have tabs that button.  I'm not good at all about figuring out how to do something like this.  It's cut out now, so we'll see! 

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4 Responses to Spring in the country

  1. Great photos, check out the Photo Quest for this week, I think you photos are a good fit.

  2. I took them yesterday, 4/22/08. I'm going to go back out today. Hope the lighting works as well as it did on Tuesday!

  3. Simple says:

    nice photos! I like the red bud tree. It is nice to be in a four seasons country. ^^

  4. Thanks! That picture is one of my favorites from this spring. By the next day, it had changed completely. I do enjoy having all four seasons. Sometimes winter and summer seem a bit long, but at least you know they won't last forever.

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