Dresses and menus


I took this picture on the 18th, but somehow it got lost and didn't show up in my downloads.  I can't take a picture of Baby from the ground; he is always under my feet.  This one was taken from the window in my loft.  It is a little fuzzy but I'm surprised it came out  at all.  I did take out the screen and open the window all the way out. 

He got named "Baby" because he came along when I already had Boots and Mittens and Muffins, and he was smaller.  He really is a most affectionate cat.  He even rubs up against the dog if she will lay still long enough! 




Here is the dress I made for one of the twins.  If you look closely, you will notice that the buttons are tiny flip-flops. 

We had 29 degrees this morning.  Glad I brought in all the plants!  It still isn't very warm; I finally went and got a sweatshirt.  Our heat doesn't come on automatically.  When you want to get warm, you have to go downstairs and put wood in the furnance, so unless it is really cold, or going to get cold, we often just put on another layer of clothes.  It also burns fuel oil, but we try to get through each winter with only one tank.  I like the wood heat so much better, even if it is more work. 

I spent some more time working on my menus and order for camp this morning.  I have a basic outline of the menus.  That is the easy part.  The hard part is getting the food ordered.  I have to get my book out and calculate how much to order for 75 people.  I used to know some of it, but I'm getting rusty!  It is hard to remember things you only do once a year. 

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2 Responses to Dresses and menus

  1. Simple says:

    That is so cute! I like the dress.

  2. Thanks! The pattern had ties on the shoulders and I had to change them to tabs for the buttons. Hope they fit!

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