More compositions from the country

I started taking these pictures today to get one of the place mat that I knit with fabric strips, but I ended up just taking pictures of the bird's nest.  I found it this morning on my way to the mail box.  I had blown out of my of our trees.  It must be from last year, because, if you look closely, you can see a piece of purple Easter grass has been carefully woven into the creation.  All my Easter grass this year was green. 

I haven't washed the place mat yet, so the ends will look a bit more raggy when I do that.  I still have to make another one to finish the set. 

I worked on my menus again this morning, too.  I have the menus and order for breakfast for the week finished already. 

My hubby went mushroom hunting yesterday.  I didn't weigh or measure them, but I worked on them steadily from 5:00 til 9:00.  He brought one batch in for me to get started on, then went back out.  I cooked some, frozen some, ate some, and finally just washed and cleaned some and put them in plastic bags in the frig.  I had them spread all over my kitchen table getting dried off a little bit.  I took a picture, but you really can't even tell what they are!  Bet you can guess what we are having for supper tonight!


Here's the picture of the bird's nest.  I added the rock "eggs".  The purple Easter grass goes all the way around the nest.  I finally figured out how to turn the flash on my camera off.  It is really easy; I just had never read how to do it in my book. 

Tomorrow we are off the help three of our grandkids celebrate their birthdays.  The youngest set of twins were one on April 26th and their big brother will turn three on May 10th.  They are still young enough that mom and dad can get by with one party. 

I'm working on another set of place mats with the homespun strips.  I would like to get one set of two finished tonight.  More pictures later, I promise!  Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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