Photographs for photo quest #14

I took a lot of shots yesterday, both at home and at the party.  I'm going to submit four, so you may have to kick one out!



I wanted to explore some different angles for the pictures that I use to list my Country By Design items on Etsy.  This one is taken from the back of the setting.  The focus on the place mats isn't very good. 














I was using a bird's nest that I found as one of my props.  It isn't big enough to show up in the photos of the place mats, so I took this one of it by itself with rock "eggs".








I took lots of pictures of my grandkids yesterday.  This is one of my favorites.  I love the lighting.  Maybe not exactly Vogue material, but …


My youngest grandson was looking out the window watching the older kids playing.  I shot this looking straight down on the top of his head.  Guess you could say it's an ad for the curtains or the floor vent which is bent because they have to keep a fifteen pound weight on it to keep the kids from playing with it!

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2 Responses to Photographs for photo quest #14

  1. So you are experienced at taking photos of thigs to sell! I like the first photo the best as I can see both the candle and the placemat. One suggestion would be to have more of either the candle or the placemat. I think you need to help the viewer know which one or maybe it is both you are selling. In your photo you don't show me the whole item that you want me to buy. You have peaked my interest but I want more. Does that make sense?

  2. Yes, it does, and thanks for the input. It would have been better if I had cropped it with less of the candle in the frame.
    I could still use it as a "teaser" for Etsy, with more shots that show more of the place mats. But it wouldn't work for say a pattern cover where you only get one shot.
    I do take pictures of the things I make for Etsy, but I'm not very good at using props, or taking creative shots. I need to learn to look outside the box a little bit more. The best place I have to take pictures is on my dining room table with a window that faces the south, but I don't have any free standing lighting to help in that department. I'm limited to what Mother Nature provides.
    I really do appreciate your ideas, because I want to try to improve my pictures. Since people that are buying from Etsy can't see what you are selling, you really need great pictures. Most of mine come up a little short.

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