Notes from the country

Wow!  Everyone in the neighborhood has been busy!  Sorry I haven't gotten around to making comments to everyone. 

I finished this set of four special order place mats yesterday.  I tried posting last night but I was having issues with my computer.  This close-up shows the patchwork appliques and the rag quilted "border".  I made another pot holder last night, but don't have pictures of it yet.  It rained most of the day yesterday, so it really limited my picture taking.  I would like to experiment with taking pictures in the rain, but it was windy and cold. 

Today we went down to our son's house to hold babies.  All three of the kids have a virus of some sort, and were happiest when someone was holding them.  Hard for one person to do!


I put three appliqued patchwork hearts on this set because there are three people in the family who ordered them.  I did the quilted of the strips by machine this time.  I wanted to have them finished by Sunday. 

I need to do a lot of paper work in the morning.  I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow afternoon.  Have some other errands I need to take care of, too. 

I took one photograph that I can use in this week's Photo Quest.  I have an idea for another one, if the weather will cooperate.  I would like to walk down to the lake about dark.  I want to see if I can get a picture of the moon reflected in the water.  Need to check and see what time the moon rises this time of year.  I know it isn't very big right now.  A full moon would be cool. 

I did do some more work on my camp menus yesterday.  I have all the menus done, unless I make some changes.  Now I have to figure out how much food to order.  That is the hard part!

I must get to work on the other little dress.  My daughter will be here by this time next week.  I need about 10 more hours in every day!

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