New dresses and iris, but no storms

I finished the pink dress last night.  It went together much faster than the green one did.  It has yellow flower buttons. 

Need to wrap up projects and put things away today before the twins get here.  They flew in to St. Louis yesterday, but won't get here until tonight.  Everyone else on both side of the family lives in the St. Louis area, so we have to share.  And they have a new little cousin they have to go see for the first time.

I brought some iris in last night to protect them from the storm that we didn't get, thank goodness.  So I had to take some pictures of them this morning, too.  Here is one of the best. 

Take care everyone.  I will be back ASAP!






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2 Responses to New dresses and iris, but no storms

  1. Love these dresses, they remind me of the ones I used to make my daughter. She is 34 now so I don't sew for her any more…lol.
    Your granddaughters are lucky to such beautiful handmade dresses! Wish you had got a photo of them in their new dresses!

  2. Wish I could have, too. They didn't even try them on. They aren't impressed by homemade dresses. For a while, all my other granddaughters would wear were grandma dresses. I used to sew a lot for my girls, too, but they are 37 now, so that doesn't happen any more!

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