Dandelions and rag knitted place mats

When I took this picture of a single dandelion yesterday, I knew the ants where there, but I couldn't see the stamens.  when I was editing, and looked at it and wondered what in the world all those brown curly things were.  I printed it at 6 x 8, and it is amazing.  I would love to see it at 8 x 10.  I may have to order one from Snapfish. 


I listed these raggy knit place mats on Etsy last night.  I ate too much bread yesterday; didn't feel up to doing very much.  Did get a lot of computer work done. 

I think I finally caught up with all my vox neighbors.  Sorry if I missed you.  After awhile, I couldn't remember which days I had read and which days I had missed. 

I had a lot of fun with these place mats.  I made them by cutting strips of fabric about 3/8 inch wide.  Each new strip is just tied on to the end of the last strip.  The knotted ends are an important part of the design.  Each row is knitted, so the pattern is easy.  I tryed to make complete rows of each color without leaving all the knots at the edges.  Some of the strips were only four or five inches long, and some were long enough to go all the way across.  The colors are mostly pastels, with just a few brights and darks for contrast. 

Two of my fancy iris are blooming this morning.  Need to go take a few pictures!  Later.

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