Last day in the city

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Here are a few shots of some of the flowers in my daughter's yard.  I can't wait to see these blown up to see the detail.  I didn't take them because they were beautiful; I took them because they all had something unusual about them.  I know, I'm kind of weird!  Yesterday, I was taking pictures of seed pods!

I don't receive many honors, but I did receive a really nice one this week.  One of my black and white photographs of a fence and a landscaope was chosen as the winner of the Photo Quest challenge for black and white photos.  I had to read my camera book to find out how to take black and white pictures!  If you haven't seen it, you can click on  Photo Quest  under My Groups.  There were some amazing black and white shots entered this week.  If you like to take pictures, you should join the group.  I need to thank Darcy for pushing me to join.  Thanks a lot, Darcy!  I love doing the challenges.  I missed one or two already because I was out of town. 

Tonight, I am going to go see the girls dance recital.  I will try to get a picture of them all dressed up if I can.  No one can take pictures during the recitial.  I tried taking a couple this week while they were getting ready, but they didn't turn out. 

Tomorrow I will be heading back to the country.  After two weeks away from my sewing machine, I hope I haven't gotten rusty!

My day lilies should be blooming by the time I get home.  I took some pictures of my daughter's yesterday, but I don't think they are going to be very good.  I can't wait to try taking some black and white shots. 

The baby is still napping!  Better go get some work done.  Later!

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2 Responses to Last day in the city

  1. Art and Tea says:

    Congrats on the photo win! These flowers are beautiful:)

  2. Thanks! I wish I knew all of their names. It has taken me two hours tonight just to transfer all of my pictures from my camera to my computer, so you will be seeing a lot more flowers. Stay tuned!

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