Busy day in the country

I haven't been out of the house with my camera today, so I'll have to make do with one from yesterday.  Here is a picture of hubby baling hay down by the lake.  It was rather late in the afternoon, but the hay was dry and ready to bale. 

This morning I left fairly early to go down to our son's house.  Stopped along the way to do some grocery shopping.  Stayed with the three year old and the one year old twins while their mom went dress shopping.  Don't know why she didn't want to take all three of them with her!

After she got back home, I packed up the three year old and brought him out to the farm.  He wanted to bale hay with Papa, so I drove him down to the field.  It was only about half a mile away, but I hate walking across stubble fields.  The stems poke your legs and make them itch.  My car sits so low that it sounded like it was dragging all the way out there. 

He is still out there somewhere, but he is a real trooper.  He wants to go fishing after supper.  He has his own little fishing pole and he can cast a line better than I can.  Hubby said the fish were really biting last night.  He likes to go down in the evening and throw his line in a few times.  I'll have to go down tonight and take pictures.  My farmers just pulled into the yard.  Later!

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