TGIF in the country


I finally feel like I'm getting my life back on track for the first time in weeks!  I went outside first thing this morning and took pictures.  We had gotten a little rain overnight.  I really like the effect of rain drops on objects.  This is the same set of geranium flowers that I posted earlier. 








I really like the way the rain drops are sitting on this flower.  This is another angle of the same set of flowers. 

After my walk, I got a package ready to mail, washed a load of clothes, did some work in my flower bed, and picked some fresh green beans for lunch. 


Here's my favorite photo of the day.  I'm really surprised by how well the rain drops stand out on the petals of this Shasta daisy. 

This afternoon, in addition to my nap, I finished working on one of the pillow covers I'm making for a special order and did some research for my hubby.  He was mowing the lawn yesterday when something on the mower broke.  I was trying to find someone with an old Snapper that doesn't run that he could use for parts.  No luck so far. 

I did some more work on my flower bed and fixed a nice chicken dish for dinner.  Tonight I was able to finish the other pillowcover so I can get them listed on Etsy tomorrow.  I'll post a picture.  They really turned out nice. 

Last night we had to take our three year old grandson home.  He wanted to stay, but his mom had only packed enough Pull-ups for 24 hours.  He isn't quite potty trained yet, and there was just too many exciting things on the farm to worry about going potty.  The highlight of his trip was the fish he caught with his own rod and reel.  He was so excited.  I didn't get a picture of it, but here is a picture of him casting. 


I think he does a really good job for a three year old.  He can cast about half way out into the lake, much further than I can! 

I was afraid he wouldn't want to be away from home, but that didn't faze him at all.  He just made himself right at home, put all of his stuff in the spare bedroom, and slept all night by himself.  He doesn't always do that at home!  He does have his favorite lovey that he likes to sleep with. 

I'm sure he will come back out to the farm again before summer is over.  He only lives about 30 minutes from here, and his Papa loves his company. 

I started making a baby lovey with Moda fabrics a long long time ago.  That is going to be my next project.  It really felt good to get back to my sewing machine! 

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