Rag quilting in the country, again!

I have finally gotten back to my rag quilting!  Here is my first finished project in a long time.  This baby lovie is made from Moda's All You Need is Love fabric squares.  I'm going to list it on Etsy.  There will be more pictures there. 

We had stormy weather yesterday morning and again last night.  Not too much rain here, but I couldn't be on the computer.  I did get started on another project using Moda fabric.  I had it laid out yesterday, and would change it around everytime I went into the room.  Finally last night I sewed the first row of squares together, decided I didn't like it, and took them apart, and started all over again.  I think I'm going to like this design better, but I'm going to look at it a few more times before I get started. 


Darcy inspired me to try to take pictures of insects.  I knew better than to try moving insects; this picture of a lightening bug sitting still is out of focus! 

I got one of my hummingbirds, but I was too far away.  They aren't as tame as they used to be. 

We have more rain in the forecast for the next several days.  Need to go out and look around.  I moved some nasturtiums yesterday; one looks really good but the other two are going to need some TLC. 

I have gotten two leads on possible jobs, so that is good.  I'll keep you posted! 

Now to get my baby lovie listed on Etsy!

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