More hummingbirds and flowers in the country

Here's a good example of an afternoon daylilly.  Just look at all that pollen!  It looks like gold dust. 



I had to walk up our gravel road, cross the county black top, and wade across the weeds in the ditch to get up to this Queen Anne's lace.  This one is just starting to open up.  The florets around the edges are open while the ones in the center are still tightly closed.  The sun went behind a bank early this evening, so I was able to get out fairly early. 









This one is just barely beginning to open.  It is really exquisite when it is blown up.  It doesn't have much impact at this size. 










Now here's something with impact!  These bright orange daylillies are incredible!  You can even see the opening in the end of the pistil.  When you blow it up, you can see that the pollen has been scattered about.  It wasn't windy today at all, so it had to be bees or hummingbirds.  I like the slight ruffling at the edges of the petals. 

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