Photos from Friday


I went out after lunch today to see if I had any flowers that I could take pictures of.  My flowers are pretty much on the downhill slide, but that didn't stop me from taking pictures! 

Here is the same green worm that I showed you a couple of days ago.  This shot is especially good because you can actually see the leaf in his mouth!  He is still on the same plant were I found him the first time. 









I walked out to the garden to see if there might be something out there that I could capture, and sure enough, I found this June bug sitting on a corn tassel.  It isn't actually a June bug.  That is just what I have always called them.  Maybe they do come out in June down in southwest MO where I lived in the early 50's.  We would tie a thread around one of their back legs and pretend that we had an airplane. 

I like the way his leg is hooked on, and his eyes!  That must be where they got the expression "bug eyes".  This picture is about 4 times life size. 








Had to show off my zucchini bread.  This stuff really is so good that it is worth growing zucchini just to make the bread.  I ate most of one loaf for lunch!  I would rather have it than cake. 

Hubby needs to use the phone, so I guess I'll have to go work on my quilt.  Later!

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2 Responses to Photos from Friday

  1. Seph says:

    I love your bug pictures! …But that zucchini bread has my mouth watering! I don;t suppose you could cram a slice through your internet connection and send it my way? 😉

  2. Wish I could! We polished off another loaf for supper.

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