Monday in the country

Here's the latest shot of my buddy, the green caterpillar.  He is growning!  I did some research today but couldn't figure out what kind of caterpillar he is.  Does anyone know?  He was just eating the small buds.  Now he is mowing through the leaves. 


Our 1 year old twin grandbabies and their older brother came to see us yesterday.  Here is the little boy trying on one of his Papa's hats.  He has the bluest eyes!  He had already fallen in the lake and gotten his clothes all wet. 

It was pretty warm, so the babies stayed in the house while all the big people went fishing.  They were biting pretty good.  Everyone caught several. 











I took this shot of the row of trees to the west of our house yesterday after everyone went home.  A storm was coming in from the north.  The wind really picked up.  It blew all of the short corn flat on the ground.  We got another 2 inches of rain so fast that it washed out our gravel road in several.  Since my hubby takes care of our road, even though it does belong to the county, he was out fixing everything most of the day today. 

I'm beginning to get this new computer figured out.  I had to change some settings to get me email program to work right.  I ordered Microsoft Works 2005 tonight so I will have a word processing program, etc.  I'll have to see if I like the photo editing program that comes with it.  I need to make some new business cards, but I'm going to have to get a new printer first. 

I made a Chocolate Zucchini Cake this afternoon that is pretty good.  Not as good as the zucchini bread, but not bad.  Then I tried making a zucchini "crust" for meatloaf so I would have meatloaf "pie".  That turned out really good.  It would have been better if we had let it cool off a bit before we ate it.  It is an excellent way to use extra zucchini. 

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13 Responses to Monday in the country

  1. Jacque says:

    :O that is the fattest and biggest caterpillar i have ever seen in my life!! Whoa! Lol are you afraid of bugs and worms….caterpillars I guess as well?ps: Your grandson is so adorable! He seems like a little adventurer 😛

  2. dejablu503 says:

    Hayden is beautiful, I know that's not PC to say about a boy, but he IS.

  3. Thanks! He is a perfect angel. Such a sweet face with perfect features and the prettiest blue eyes.

  4. I think your caterpillar is similar to what we called tomato worms.
    Your grandson is beautiful! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place and get to see your grandchildren so often.

  5. Yes, he is very similar to tomato hornworm. They have the same shape, horn for a tail, three sets of true legs, etc. The only difference is the markings. Tomato worms have white diagonal markings instead of the two stripes.
    I got some more shots of the grandkids this weekend. I'll try to get some posted on Monday or Tuesday. The grandkids are up here tearing up my computer room right now!

  6. Ha, so a little different but then again very similar.
    Fun with grandkids…I'll check out you blog!

  7. Thanks! We did have a good time with the grandkids, but I'm glad I'm not trying to raise six of them again at my age!
    As soon as I catch up with my email, I'll post some pictures.

  8. Boy isn't that the truth, running around after little ones is hard when you get older. I'm so behind on emails, hope I'm not offending anyone. We had a bad storm last night so I had to turn the PC off and didn't get to answer any emails so I'm way behind again!

  9. I know how that goes. I have to unplug my modem every time there is a cloud in the sky. A stray bolt of lightening will knock it out every time.

  10. Yes it is dangerous to leave things plugged in during lightening storms. My neighbors lost a big screen TV, a computer, freezer and a stero in one lightening strike. We lost the insides of our dish for TV service once and our back yard neighbor had lighteing strike their well. I have lots of respect for lightening.
    A little boy was killed about a week ago, near town at a baseball game. They think it was lightening that struck a pole near where he was standing in a puddle of water that killed him. Very sad!

  11. Wow! That is sad. My hubby received an indirect hit one afternoon while he was hoeing the garden. Now he comes inside! You just can't be too careful.
    We haven't lost anything in the house except several modems, but lightening has taken out more than one of our water well pumps. We used to have a big, old-fashioned windmill, but it came down after a couple of lightening strikes.

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