A rainy Wednesday in the country

Yancunyong suggested that we try taking some more photographs in black and white.  I had to find my camera book and find the directions again for the black and white setting on my camera.  By the time I did that, it was raining again, but I slipped on a jacket and went out anyway.  I really like some of the shots I got this morning.  See what you think. 

It is still raining.  I need to do some house cleaning, but I think I may take a nap first.  I didn't sleep very good last night. 

I need to get the house in order, soon.  Six of our granddaughters are coming tomorrow for the weekend.  Hope I can last as long as they can! 

And I need to make some banana cookies.  I have couple of bananas that are too ripe for me to eat. 

I love the contrast of the dainty white blooms and the dark leaves.  These are much better than the ones similar to this that I took in color.  They look like little orchids. 



Here's another flower with rain drops.  I like the way the rain drops really stand out in these black and white shots.  I have several different kinds of daisies.  I planted a package of wildflower seed last year.  Most of these are flowers that came back from seed that fell last year. 

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4 Responses to A rainy Wednesday in the country

  1. yancunyong says:

    All of your B&W photos are awesome!!! I hope you continue to take photos of B&W sometimes.I heartily hope you will have happy and lovely weekend with your granddaughters (^^). I'm envious that they enjoy your handmade banana cookies. Please share your picture of your delicious-looking banana cookies!

  2. I'm going to have to try later to get a picture to the cookies. When I picked up the bananas, they smelled sour instead of sweet so I threw them away. But I will make some another time and share a photo.
    I'm glad you like the black and white shots. I really like the ones of the bean blossoms. I love the contrast of the black and white. I have taken some pictures of them in color and they aren't very striking that way. I do like the effect of the second flower after I tweaked it a bit. I need to experiment more with my photo editing program. Usually all I do is resize so they will load faster.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your black and white shots. I'm sure they will be awesome!

  3. yancunyong says:

    Droplets on petals are also nice and picture of bean blooms is really great! I like its color gradation on petals and leaves!

  4. Thanks! The droplets of water show up so much better in black and white.

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