Blogging again in the country, thank goodness!

Wow, is is nice to be blogging again.  We had a good time with our six granddaughers, but I'm not as young as I used to be.  Trying to keep up with six girls who ranged in ages from 3 (a set of twins) to 9 was a full time job.  Thank goodness the two oldest ones helped a lot with the two youngest ones. 

Five of them left this morning and took the other one half way home after lunch, then I took a nap.  It didn't help any that I have picked up a virus or something that is just about to get me down. 

Enough of that!  I will try to share a few pictures.  I haven't done any quilting, needless to say, so I'll have to see what else I can find.

This is a shot of another chicory plant that I took the same evening as the one in my last post.  Somehow the petals were completely saturated with water.  It was weird! 





I still had my camera mode set to black and white on Friday when this group was all at our house.  There are nine grandkids in this shot, plus two of our sons and one daughter-in-law.  Grandpa has five of them with him in the tractor seat.  One of the twins is hiding behind the boy who is waving and the other one has her head turned.  The one year old boy and girl on the left side of the picture are twins, too, so we had both sets of twins here that day.  It was like feeding an army!


Here's a better shot of the group on the tractor seat.  The three 3 year olds on the left were all born within 24 hours.  It's still not a very good shot of the girls, but they don't hold still very well. 














One of the highlights of the weekend occured Saturday morning when 6-year-old Caitie caught her first fish, a nice big catfish!  She was thrilled. 

Soon it was too hot for anyone to be outside, so the kids proceeded to scattered their toys in every room of the house!  We have a spare bedroom that we keep the leftover toys in, but it didn't take them long to have toys everywhere! 

Fortunately, the weather was better on Sunday so everyone could spend more time outside.   I should have tried to get the girls all together so I could take a group picture.  I have some more snapshots, but none of them are very good. 

In other news, I have two job interviews this week.  The first one is tomorrow afternoon in the city.  Wish it wasn't going to be so hot.  I don't like to dress up when it's 110 in the shade!  What do people do in areas of the country where it is really hot?  I don't think I could survive!

I need to to some straightening up and laundry, etc.  More later! 

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8 Responses to Blogging again in the country, thank goodness!

  1. SweetMisery says:

    My only living relative is my Mother. We had a very small family. You have a large beautiful family. Great pictures. I love black and white. I still remember my first fish. It also was a catfish and I was with my Grandfather. Just beautiful.

  2. Karen Lynn says:

    I so love the picture of all your family on the tractor. Black and white does it justice! I was looking at all those kids and wondered how the heck you knew how much to cook! Wow, you must be exhausted. :))

  3. yancunyong says:

    Wow, wow, you've spent happy & lovely weekend with your family!Congraturations to Caitie for the first fishing!B&W photo of your family with a tractor is so cool!

  4. grannyjewell says:

    Good luck with the job interviews. I am so glad I am now retired. My 3 year old twins are something else. I haven't seen them since they were 2 mos old and enjoying seeing how much they have grown and how much they have changed. They are very much like thier father at that age. They don't listen very well and are extremly active but as you said not as young as I used to be. but fun knowing I will be going home and they will be here with mom and dad. Love them to death but glad I have my own space.

  5. What a wonderful memory. I had one living grandfather for several years but I don't ever remember doing anything with him. And I didn't catch my first fish until just a few years ago. It was all of about three inches long!

  6. I didn't do anything fancy. We had hot dogs and hamburgers. The little ones don't eat very much.

  7. Thanks! It was a great weekend. Thanks to you, I have a very cool black and white pic of my family. It would have been in color otherwise.

  8. Thanks! Three year olds are a bred all their own. Even though the twin girls live in Texas, with digital cameras and email, we are able to what them grow.

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