Tuesday in the country


By the time I got outside tonight, it was too dark to take pictures.  I could have taken some this morning while it was cloudy, but then I was busy picking beans. 

I went out last night to see what I could see and it was so hot and humid that the lens on the camera completely fogged up.  I took this sunset shot while it was in the process of clearing up. 

My interview went well today, but the position I was interviewing for was only part time and didn't include benefits.  So, it's on to Plan B.  There is a full time position available in the deli department, so I will apply for it.  I need to update my resume!

We are still getting green beans out of the garden, as well as beets, corn and tomatoes.  I love this time of year.  It's a lot of prep work, but the results are fantastic.  Tomorrow, I'm going to try to make some crab apple jelly. 

My other big news for today is my new printer!  I had planned to use my old printer when I got my new computer, but it wouldn't work.  So now I can copy, print, and scan, as well as send faxes, if I can figure out how to get the fax machine part of it hooked up!  I'm going to try to print the black and white tractor picture to add to the photo gallery on our frig. 


Here's my second good sunset shot from last night.  I had to walk way down our road and get down in the itchy grass to get this shot of foxtail in front of the sunset.  Now to see if I can print my picture!

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