Photo editing in the country

I installed some new software on my computer tonight.  I've been experimenting with the photo editing program.  I didn't do anything to this wildflower except copy and resize.  I'm going to have to spend a lot more time working with it to really know what I am doing! 

I got one batch of crab apple jelly made this afternoon.  It is a very labor-intensive project, but the results are worth it.  We had to have several pieces of butter bread with jelly just to make sure it was edible!  I worked on one more pan full of apples just to have a head start on tomorrow's batch.  I wanted to get a picture of the jars sitting on the window sill of the kitchen, but my camera was upstairs and I was too tired to go get it.  I would have made the effort, but I knew I would have another chance tomorrow. 

My interview tomorrow is at 9:00 in the morning, so I may not get around to checking my email until after I get home.  I'll need to leave the house by 8:00.  It really doesn't take that long to get there, but I like to give myself a little wiggle room.   

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21 Responses to Photo editing in the country

  1. grannyjewell says:

    I am looking for some photo eding programs that I might like. What is the name of your new program?

  2. Nice photo. What program are you using? I got Photoshop Elements 6 and love it.
    Why are you going to work? Seems like you are plenty busy with your sewing and grandchildren.

  3. Mordacity says:

    I have never had crab apple jelly. What does it taste like?.

  4. The new program that I am using is Microsoft Picture-It! Premium 10. I came with the Microsoft Works Suite 2005. The free program that I was using that doesn't have so many bells and whistles but is still good is Irfanview. You can check it out by going to:

  5. I got Microsoft Picture-It! Premium 10 with the Microsoft Works Suite that I bought to have a word processing program on my computer. I didn't think about using NotePad, because I have never had a computer that had it on it before. I also got Works and Money 2005, which I need because I keep my hubby's farm records.
    I know, I am busy enough already, and I wish I could stay home, but my hubby has some health issues and can't get private insurance except through the MO Health Pool, and it is very expense. He applied for disability, but was turned down. If I get the job I applied for this morning, I will at least be home during the summer since it would be working for a school district.

  6. It is very similar to plain apple jelly, except it has a slight tart taste, and is the prettiest rosy pink color.

  7. Boy I sure know about health Insurance..I went back to work when my daughter was 3 (she is 34 now) so we would have health insurance so my first husband could go into business for himself. Now I'm still working to have insurance as I'm 62 and won't be eligible for medicare for 3 more years.
    Have fun with all your new software. I just got the whole microsoft office suite for $19.00 through work. Microsoft will let me have it cheap as my work pays for it and as long as I work there I can have it for my home PC. Not sure what happens when I leave.

  8. Mordacity says:

    They can't really "take" it from you, and I doubt that they would disable the key. I think it's just a technicality. You should still be able to use it afterwards. 🙂

  9. Wow, I hope you are right because this is an awsome package for $19.00. OK so here is what I got Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Outlook 2007, Publisher 2007, Access 2007, OneNote 2007, InfoPath 2007, Grove 2007..I'm amazed!

  10. Mordacity says:

    Awesome package for sure. 🙂 I need to update mine on both of my laptops and desktops. But for the time being I use a program called openoffice, which is basically the same as the microsoft office suite package, but free and with a few missing options. Works well for what it is though. :)What exactly is infopath? I'm not sure if I've heard of that before.

  11. Wow! That's a good deal on the Microsoft Office package. I paid $37.00 for mine online.
    I went to work when my youngest was 4, and she's 26 now. I just turned 61. I can buy insurance for myself, but my hubby can't get coverage. So it's back to work for at least a few more years. At least with the job at school, I would have my summers off.

  12. That is some kind of deal! Lucky you.

  13. Yes, and I've so busy that I haven't had time to load the programs yet!

  14. Well you don't have to work long and having summers off is a big plus!

  15. I've heard of openoffice and that it is a great program.
    You know I don't know what infopath is either. If I ever get some free time I'll load it and let know you what it does.

  16. I can relate to that! I need to come up with a couple of resumes and cover letters this afternoon.

  17. You got it. That is the best part about working for a school district. I didn't get the job at Louisiana, but I'm going to apply for a couple of different positions in the school district that my granddaughers attend.

  18. I'm sure you will get the best job ever…*crosses fingers*

  19. Let me know if you need help with a resume. I help people all the time with cleaning up resumes and making them look professional.

  20. Thanks! I could use some help. I'm having trouble trying to decide what to include in my resumes. I have only worked at two places, but I've done just about everything. Most of my computer skills are self-taught. The three positions I'm working on now are for an office services assistant, a school secretary, and a library staff secretary. How do you explain interpersonal skills? When they want excellent computer skills, what are they asking for?

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