Monday in the country

I haven't been quilting much the past few days because I ran out of flannel to make my backing squares for the homespun quilt I'm working on.  I bought all they had at the Wal-Mart store before I started the project thinking it would be enough.  It might have been if it had been cut straight,but it was crooked as a dog's hind leg.  So I went back.  They had every solid color except off-white.  I went to a different store last Thursday.  Same story.  No off-white.  Does anyone have any off-white flannel that you purchased from Wal-Mart recently in your stash?  I sent an email to my sister to see if she could find some at one of the stores she goes to.  It has to be Wal-Mart, or the same brand that Wal-Mart sells.  I bought some from Jo-Anns earlier, and it is a different color. 

This knitted piece in the photo is an ongoing project that I work on while I'm waiting for the water to boil, etc.  It is going to be a table runner when it grows up.  It needs a couple more feet!  It is knit from fabric strips that have been cut mostly from muslin and homespun scraps.  The pattern is completely random. 

I did find a source for check registers and deposit slips at  They also sell checks but I have enough of those to last me til I die.  I only use about two a year!  I can't imagine not having debit and credit cards, and online bill pay. 

Our two youngest sons can out yesterday with two of their sons, a three year old and a two year old.  They play pretty good together, but it is a full time job to keep tabs on them and keep them entertained.  The big boys came out to help their dad split wood for this winter.  They were getting along great until the log splitter broke.  They got a nice pile cut and stacked, but there is still a big pile that needs to be split.  We can burn gas or wood in our furnace,but we try to get by on just one tank of fuel each year, so that means that we go through several cords of wood. 

After I got my Photo Quest shots posted last night, I sat down and watched the Olympics.  NBC is doing a good job of coverage this year.  I haven't watched any of the coverage during the day on MSNBC.  I've always got something else going on.  Tomorrow it's going to be more apples! 

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