Photo Quest #24 – Flash Photography

Here's one of the flash photography shots that I took before I read the information about flash photography.  This shot of green bean blooms was taken at 7:30 in the evening on Auto mode with flash on demand. 

This is my first entry for Photo Quest #24. 


All entries were taken with a Canon Powershot 540A and where all taken with the macro setting. 








This is my first example of a bad flash shot.  I'm too close and there is too much flash resulting in washed out details. 











After reading the information in the flash photography link about filters, I decided that was what I needed to prevent over exposure and wash-out.  This four o' clock was taken at 6:53 pm in auto mode with flash on.  I used several layers of facial tissue as a filter. 

This is entry #2 for Photo Quest.












Even with filters, this shot is all washed out and obviously taken with flash. 

Taken in auto mode with flash on.















This is my third entry for Photo Quest. It is the one shot that I took the longest to achieve.  This close-up of a

single petunia bloom was taken with 8 to 10 layers of facial tissue as a filter.  I finally just held as much of it as I could with my left hand and pushed the shutter with my right.  This was my thirteenth try at taking a good shot of this one flower! 

It was taken at 7:02 in the evening, so there was still enough natural light that I didn't need flash to get a good shot.  The flower was blooming away from me, and I couldn't stand in front of it without standing on other flowers, so I was leaning over to get the shot.  That is why the other stems are going in all directions. 




Here's the first shot I took of the petunia that is my third entry.  


This one was taken with one two or three layers of tissue as a filter.  I kept adding more layers until I reduced the amount of flash to light up the flower just right. 

I learned a lot with this challenge!

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23 Responses to Photo Quest #24 – Flash Photography

  1. SweetMisery says:

    great entry with great explanations. what kind of tissue are you speaking of? not filters.

  2. bold as love says:

    tissue as a filter that is so smart! I have tried my finger before but everything came out with a red tint.. I'll have to try with tissues!

  3. I just used generic Kleenex. I think gift wrap tissue would work, too. I'd like to experiment with some thin fabric, too. At first, I was tearing off a little piece and licking it to get it to stick to the flash. But after several layers, that didn't work any more, so I just folded up the tissue and held it with my left hand.

  4. I tore off small pieces and licked them to get them to stick to the flash. When I couldn't build up enough layers, I held the folded tissue over the flash with my left hand.
    I would like to try gift wrap tissue, and experiment with light weight fabric.

  5. SweetMisery says:

    Interesting. I will have to give it a try.

  6. At least you don't have to go out and buy a lot of expensive equipment!

  7. SweetMisery says:

    lol couldn't if I wanted too. too poor for all those goodies.

  8. grannyjewell says:

    Thanks for all the great explanations. I have the problem of washing out the color and detail with my little point and shot but the new camera I haven't done a lot of expermenting just lots of pics to see if I can figure out how it works.
    I am still enjoying the olympics. Getting late here in NY so heading to bed. The men just won bronze in Gymnastics.

  9. I have had my digital camera for a year and a half now, and there are still a lot of things that I don't know how to do. That is one thing I really like about the Photo Quest challenges. Most of the time, I have to get my book out or read the links to find out how to operate my camera to get the right results.
    I took some more flower pics about 6:30 last night. I'll try to post some of them here in a few minutes. I usually try to shot in the shade, on a cloudy day, or early in the morning or late in the afternoon. I need to try an umbrella for shooting in the middle of the day. I have done that before.

  10. Spike says:

    Hehe it seems your four-oclocks are on the same crazy schedule as mine. πŸ˜€
    The tissue is a great idea. I was having the same problem with shadows and ended up using white baking parchment.
    The third photo you posted, the one with the single four-oclock,..that one is my personal favourite. I like the way the different shades of colour show in the petals. GREAT work!

  11. Thanks! I think I took more shots for this quest than any of the others! I wonder what waxed paper would do? I didn't think about parchment paper. I think gift wrap tissue would work,too. What do you think about using different colors? How cool would that be!

  12. grannyjewell says:

    I have had a little point and shoot for 2 years but have only had my Nikon D40 for just over a month now and every time I use it I learn something knew about it. I took several pictures last week but I haven't gone through them to post anything new yet. I've been really busy with the grandkids. I should be able to post something new maybe this weekend.
    Please always feel free to make suggestions on any of my postings. Any help or suggestions are greatly appriciated.

  13. yancunyong says:

    Great series of flash pictures!Your explanations to each photo are very helpful!

  14. Thanks! Did you not have a chance to take any flash pictures? I was looking forward to seeing your entries. Are you going to do this week's challenge? You should see a lot of action at your drinking parties!

  15. Thanks, and same here. I'm certainly no expert. I just like to do it. Getting a great shot once in awhile is just a bonus!

  16. great idea, explanation and shots! Flash is intimidating for me sometimes because it does not come out so well but this is wonderful! Thank you and Congratulations!

  17. Thanks! I went out a little later tonight, but I just took straight flash or not flash. I'm going to see what I can do with editing. I do like the idea of using filters. I'm going to have to put some in my camera bag so I will have them when I go outside.

  18. haha – I have a backpack that I now carry with my extra batteries and cloths and all kinds of may need stuff and now I will add those as well! πŸ™‚

  19. I'm usually not that prepared. I finally started carrying the recharger for my cell phone with me all the time. My purse is as big as a suitcase already! Might as well add camera stuff to the mix. Perhaps I can find a nice little makeup bag to put all the extras in. My camera bag is only big enough for an extra memory card. I've tried putting extra batteries in the bottom of the bag, but then I dump them out when I'm getting out the camera.

  20. I understand and that is why I graduated to a backpack for the camera stuff! πŸ™‚

  21. That's a good idea! I have a nice small one that my daughter is using as a diaper bag for the baby. I'll have to reclaim it!

  22. oooh a diaper bag would have all the good pockets! hahaha

  23. You are right! A small diaper bag would be perfect.

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