More flowers!

I just realized that the photos I posted for the Photo Quest didn't get posted in the group, so I added them now.  Hope it isn't too late!

Hubby is going to pick more crab apples today, so you know what I will be doing.  Thought I'd better post some pics from last night while I have a minute. 

All of these were taken with natural light about 6:30 last night.  I had filtered sunlight coming through the trees in our windbreak. 

I don't know the names of all the yellow daisy like flowers.  They came back from some wildflower seed I planted last year. 




I have lots of surprise lillies right now.  There is a small insect at the end of one of the stamens.  The light source was to the left of the flower.











I really like the way this surprise lilly looks like the light source is from the inside.  The petals are so translucent that the light shines right through them.











I like the petunias I took with flash, but I like this one, too.  I like the color and the simple, shaped edges.

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4 Responses to More flowers!

  1. prettyarlene,Port Orchard florist

  2. Thanks! Flowers are my favorite subjects for photos.

  3. Karen Lynn says:

    So pretty Country girl! I should try taking some flower shots at night eh?

  4. You should try it. Early morning would work, too, but I have better lighting in the early evening. The big trees in our windbreak filter the light so it is still very bright, but without the glare. And then sometimes you get a shot like the lilly where a small shaft of light makes it all the way to the flower bed.

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