I have a job!

I received a job offer from Wal-Mart today!  Yeah!!  It isn't the best job in the world, but I'm glad to have it.  There aren't that many jobs out there for seniors, especially out here in the sticks.  I don't think it hurt any thing that I took along this picture of a crab apple pie that I made from scratch the other day.  The  glossy print I made looked like something out of a food magazine. 

Believe it or not, they hired me to be a cake decorator!  I have never decorated a cake in my life.  So before I came home, I bought a decorator bag and tips so I can practice a little bit before I start.  I don't want to look completely stupid!  Anyone have any good tips for success? 

I was out in the garden picking green beans this morning when I thought I heard the phone ring.  So I ran to the house and picked it up just as the answering machine picked up.  It was already 11:00 and they had my interview scheduled for 12:00.  She thought she had left a message for me yesterday.  I changed clothes as quickly as I could and made it to the store with about 10 minutes to spare. 

Maybe I can watch the Olympics tonight since I don't have to worry about any more resumes or cover letters.  We are supposed to get some rain.  Hope so.  Otherwise, I am going to have to start watering. 

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4 Responses to I have a job!

  1. lovetheword says:

    Congratulations! It is hard to get a job as a senior. Have fun with the decorating!

  2. grannyjewell says:

    congradulations on the new job. If it weren't that I am so busy babysitting I think I would like to go back to work but I was medically retired 3 years ago due to stress related illnesses. I have a lot of trouble with numbers anymore and just don't know if I could handle working anymore or not but sometimes it would be nice to have the extra dime.

  3. Thanks! I will. I like learning new things. They are trying to push us out to pasture, aren't they? Hope I have time to participate in your new group.

  4. That's what I'm going to do. Make lemonaide with my lemons.

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