Country sunflowers

We drove over to the other farm where the sunflowers are this morning.  They aren't as impressive this year as they were last year, but I think a few of them are worth sharing. 

The bees seem to like them a lot.  You could hear them buzzing around.  I only got a picture of this one. 

I made another batch on jelly yesterday morning, then worked on paper work for hours!  Since I lost everything I had on my old computer, I'm trying to restore my account in Money. My bank will only let me download the past three months.  At least I have that much.  Thank goodness I kept a printout from the end on June, so at least I have something to work with. 

We went to a 50th wedding anniversary celebration in the afternoon.  It was very nice.  He used to do all of our bulldozer work, and she worked for me at school for several years. 

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