Photo Quest #25 – Action

Three of my grandkids came out this morning and we went out to swing about noon.  The lighting conditions were terrible.  It was dark under the tree, but too bright out in the sun.  I tried a variety of settings, etc. to get these action shots.  Some worked better than others. 

The shutter speed was too slow in this shot of Jacob. 








Finally, on my 68th shot, I got one that is almost in focus, even though I did cut off Hayden's head!  I think I was panning at this point, but I'm not sure. 

Jacob like his grandpa to push him up to the leaves.  I was dealing with the lighting and the movement.  Not perfect on either, but not too bad. 

After 102 frames, I finally got a pretty good one.  Jacob was reaching for a leaf.  I'm pretty sure I was panning. 


This one had some real lighting and color issues, but the expression was so cute, I just had to include it. 

All of these shots were taken with a Canon Powershot A540, mostly in the auto mode.  I did switch around some, but I don't remember which ones I took with different settings.  I need to learn how to use fill flash.  I can turn the flash off, but I don't know how to turn it on.  That would have solved a lot of my lighting issues.  I was concentrating on action and didn't have time to read about fill flash.  I knew how to set it with my old camera, but I haven't figured it out with this one. 



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4 Responses to Photo Quest #25 – Action

  1. Mordacity says:

    I *really* like the second photograph, but I'm not exactly sure why.. The expression in the last photograph is amazing.. total pure childhood bliss.. ahh… it's glorious.

  2. Thanks! I need to do a lot more reading about using my camera to take action shots. I think I was too close, for one thing. And I need to figure out how to use fill flash.

  3. yancunyong says:

    Nice series of swinging! How happy they are! I love the third picture because his big swinging shows what his grandpa did (^^).

  4. Thanks! Wish I could have gotten fill flash to work so the colors would have been better.

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