Monday in the country

I took almost 200 shots today trying to get a few photos for this week's Photo Quest.  In addition to the action shots, I took a few that I have had a lot more experience with.  Here's the little one year old granddaughter that is in the last photo of the Photo Quest.  She is a sweetie! 


There was one dandelion in the yard and Hayden found it.  He is the other half of the twins. 

He did the cutest thing today.  We had been on the south side of the garage where the dog food dish was, and he had picked up several pieces of dog food.  We told him it was for the doggie and he put it down. 

Later we were around on the north side of the garage petting the dog.  He walked back around to the dog food dish, picked up a handful of dog food and brought it over to the dog.  His mom and I were both impressed that he had made the connection and remembered where the dish was.  Pretty good for a 16 month old, I think! 






Here's what he looks like most of the time – just going as fast as he can! 

Isn't it amazing that the grass is still so nice a green?  I can't ever remember when we were still mowing grass at this time of the year. 












Here's the twins three year old brother with his mom.  This swing hangs in a big walnut tree.  The baby swings are in a sycamore tree.  It is huge.  I want to take a picture of it, but I can't figure out how to put it in perspective. 












This is one of my favorite shots from today.  It was completely unplanned.  The kids were interested in the bark of the walnut tree.  They don't have any big trees in their yard. 

I have another job interview tomorrow.  I sent a resume in to a private school that is looking for a cook.  I think it would be a dream job, even though it is over 50 miles away.  I don't mind driving and I could always stay with some of the relatives who live in that area if the weather got bad.  We will be moving in that direction if/when we sell the farm.  I love it out here, but don't know if we will stay forever.  It is really nice when the grandkids come out. 

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10 Responses to Monday in the country

  1. They are just gorgeous!!!!!!!! Good luck on the interview!

  2. Karen Lynn says:

    You have such lovely subjects! :)) Great pictures!

  3. Thanks, London! I really like taking pictures of my flowers and my grandkids. I only took 188 shots in about an hour!
    I think the interview went well, but I'm sure they are looking for someone younger who lives closer.

  4. LOL – it is soooo easy to take tons of pics with kids – they are just gorgeous!

  5. lovetheword says:

    50 miles! And then you have to cook? Are you sure this is what you want to do? 🙂

  6. You are right! I don't really want to do that. If it was just cooking, I might be able to handle it, but it is also setting up tables, taking down tables, mopping floors, and taking out the trash. That is a little bit more physical labor than I'm interested in. I hope they call me tomorrow and tell me they gave the job to someone else.

  7. lovetheword says:

    Weren't you going to get a job decorating cakes? I thought that sounded like a great job for such a creative person.

  8. Yes, I got the job decorating class. I finished orientation today, and went right to work. I think they were hoping to get someone who had a bit more experience, but I'm going to practice tonight so I can do a better job tomorrw. I do like it. It is interesting and fast paced and when you've put in your time, you just pack up and go home.

  9. Thanks! Your words of encouragement mean a lot. I did much better with my letters today. Practice makes perfect. Well, it still isn't perfect, but it is better.

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