Photo Quest #26 – Settings

Today I finally had a chance to get my camera book out again and do some more practice.  I should have stuck with only two different settings, but I didn't.  I'll try to include the stats with each shot.  I tried to post the same basic photo with two different settings.  Sometimes one is obviously better than the other, but sometimes they both turned out good. 


I was sitting at my desk while I was reading my camera book, so I decided to practice right there.  This color shot was taken with natural light at 1:43 pm.  f/2.6 and 1/80 sec. 



























Here's the same scene in black and white w/ flash.  f/4, 1/125 sec. 












Here's one of my wildflowers in color.  f/2.6 and 1/160 sec.  Taken with natural light about 7:00 pm.











Here's the same flower in black and white.  Much more pop.  f/4, 1/25 sec. with fill flash.  Fill flash was the main thing I was working on, but I threw in some extra stuff while I was at it! 









I have tried all summer to get a good picture of this flower.  It is a form of hybridized yarrow.  I didn't even see the praying mantis until I loaded the pics in the computer.  f/4, 1/60 sec.  The sun was setting to the right of the shot.  Taken with natural light. 









This one should be exactly the same only in black and white with fill flash.  I must have moved the camera.  f/4, 1/125 sec.    Maybe I forgot to reset to macro focus. 











This color shot was taken in natural light.  f/2.6, 1/80.















I'm not sure what I changed to get this shot.  f/2.6, 1/60.  It's amazing that such a small change can make so much difference.  I really enjoyed this challenge.  Thanks for pushing us to try new things all the time.  I have some other awesome shots from tonight that I will share on my blog. 

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7 Responses to Photo Quest #26 – Settings

  1. Great photos you are getting very creative and adventurous! I liked them all. Thanks for showing us what you did to change the photos.

  2. COOL! I like the comparison! the praying mantis that snuck in is great!

  3. Thanks! And thanks again for pushing me to get out of my comfort zone to try new techniques.

  4. Wish I had seen him before I put the pics on the computer. I would have taken more shots!

  5. you are very welcome…your photos just keep getting better and better.

  6. I took some more flower shots tonight with the foliage setting. The colors are fantastic! I'll try to post a few.

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