A day off in the country

I had a day off from work today, but didn't accomplish a whole lot.  I did take a 5 hour nap, and I did get my hubby's hair cut, and I did make a another batch of crabapple jelly, and pick the green beans. 

I didn't take any more pictures, but I still have several from Sunday that are pretty good.  Wish I knew the name of these daisy like flowers.  Hope they come back from seed again next year. 


I have taken dozens of pictures of my day lillies in color, but this is the first shot I have taken in black and white.  The ruffles on the edges show up so much more this way.



I really like the detail in this shot of a black eyed susan.  I may have taken this one with a portrait setting. 


I really like this bud in black and white.  I know it was taken with fill flash even though it wasn't very dark yet. 

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6 Responses to A day off in the country

  1. Karen Lynn says:

    5 hour naps are too cool! :))Your pictures are just lovely!

  2. oh these are good and I especially like the bud in black and white – very cool!

  3. Emjay says:

    Beautiful photos. I think a nap is accomplishing something! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Karen. I like naps, but had never taken such a long one. I guess I needed it. I didn't have any trouble at all going to sleep last night. I glad you like the pictures. Photography is like mediation or therapy to me. When I'm taking pictures, I'm not aware of anything except the flowers and my camera.

  5. Thanks, London. The black and white bud is my fav, too.

  6. Thanks! I think the nap accomplished more than anything else I could have done. Glad you agree!

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