A wonderful country Wednesday

My begonia is still as pretty as every.  In fact, it is prettier now than it was most of the summer.  I need to get out this evening and take some more pictures.  We have rain in the forecast for tomorrow through the weekend. 

I made some chocolate buttercream icing this afternoon so I could play around with it.  I found the directions for making a mum and I wanted to try it.  I'm getting pretty good with my roses.  I made some pink and white ones on Monday that looked really good, if I may say so myself!  My scripting is getting much better now, too.  I don't have to ask anyone else to do my writing for me.  I still have trouble with my swags and garlands, but we don't do many of those anyway. 

We are still eating green beans and sweet corn out of our garden.  That is amazing!  We still have a few tomatoes, too, but once it gets to be this time of year, I don't really want tomatoes any more.  Think I'm going to make a big salad for dinner.  I need to lose a few pounds I packed on while I was worried about getting a job.  I head right to the kitchen when I'm feeling stressed! 

I have to be at work at 7:00 am in the morning, so it's out of bed with the birds.  It was 49 here this morning.  Anyone had frost yet?  This is my favorite time of the year.  Maybe because it matches my time in life.  It cools off at night and is nice and comfortable during the day.  Hope everyone is staying safe from the storms.  I haven't been watching TV, so I don't really know what is happening. 

Time to put dinner on the table.  I'll try to come back tomorrow! 





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4 Responses to A wonderful country Wednesday

  1. Amy Sue says:

    Beautiful flower! Your weather sounds a lot like what we've been having. We had a slight frost last Sunday night…but wasn't hard enough to hurt anything in the garden, thankfully. It wasn't supposed to get that cold…but Mother Nature has a sense of humor sometimes! What do you do at your job?

  2. I decorate cakes at Wal-Mart. I have been there 3 weeks today. I haven't had any formal lessons, but I can do the average Wal-Mart cake. I have't tried anything with fancy stuff like wedding cakes. I did make a very pretty birthday cake today with roses. I was proud of the way it turned out. Even though we do a lot of "kit" cake for kids, there is still room for creativity in most of them. I made a Hannah Montana today that turned out nice. And we sold a big Care Bear cake today that I had made on Monday and put in the freezer. It looked really cute.

  3. Amy Sue says:

    Sounds like a fun & challenging job! Hannah Montana is my daughter's favorite EVERYTHING these days. Her birthday is coming up in November….maybe I should check & see if we can get a cake like that!

  4. It's a new design. I like the old ones, too. They all have pink and purple on them, plus a picture or something. They are really popular.

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