It’s Tuesday!

I slept in this morning, then took a shower, and fixed bacon and eggs for breakfast before I took my camera outside.  The sun came up nice and bright this morning and everything is still wet from all the rain and dew.  I was able to stand in the shade of the garage and shoot toward the light to catch this spider web covered with dew. 












Both of my hummingbird feeders were empty, so I was going to bring them in to fill them.  This fellow was still saying his prayers, so I let him alone and took the other one.  What do praying mantis eat?  Why do they like to hang out on my hummingbird feeders? 


I have these petunias in a planter that hangs by the back door.  I have to remember to water it every day, but I have really enjoyed the flowers. 

Need to do laundry today, and practice making flowers.  I finally remembered to keep track of what I did yesterday.  I decorated 6 cakes and 12 dozen cupcakes as well as spending 2 hours just filling the display case and setting up.  A pretty good day, I think!  That also includes answering the phone, taking walk up orders, writing messages on display cakes, and handing out cookies to kids.  I have been there one month today.  Yeah! 

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19 Responses to It’s Tuesday!

  1. Emjay says:

    Lovely photos…. I had a purple petunia but it got destroyed in the wind the other day 😦 That sounds like a production in the kitchen.

  2. I'm surprised mine survived Saturday night. Guess we didn't have that much wind.
    You're right about the production thing. The emphasis is more on quantity than quality. They want it to look nice, but it has to be fast. The latest thing seems to be people who will come in and order a cake and pay for it, then come pick it up, complain that it isn't the way they wanted it, and get their money back. They are using it as a way to get cash! Can you imagine!

  3. Emjay says:

    Mmm… so do they eat the cake and then get their money back? I used to have inlaws (now ex!) who played pokies (slot machines) in a club where you could win prizes instead of cash. They would then take these back to a store like Target and try to get money back for the item – I think they mostly exchanged them for cigarettes! I was horrified that they thought this was acceptable.

  4. Karen Lynn says:

    Great pictures again gf. I think I'd weigh 300 pounds if I worked someplace with "sweets". lol

  5. I'm not as much tempted by the sweet stuff as I am by the awesome bread. We don't actually "make" anything, but we do "bake" a lot of different breads. My favs are the Ecce Panis breads. I could eat a whole loaf by myself!

  6. Karen Lynn says:

    Oh bread is my weakness too…You work in heaven, don't you gf? :)) Or at least that is what heaven must smell like!

  7. Amen! It's close enough to heaven for me. I was going to try to make it home tonight without another loaf of bread, but it called my name and made me go back and pick it up, even wait several minutes to have it sliced. I'm hopeless!

  8. Karen Lynn says:

    mmm you make me want to get the bread maker out… soon. when it gets cold and we need to fatten up for the winter HAHAHA… (DH and I already have our blubber)

  9. Homemade bread is the BEST! My pan for my breadmaker got bent and I never replaced it. I've heard it's going to be a long, hard winter!

  10. Karen Lynn says:

    I've heard it's going to be a long, hard winter!Oh great….

  11. Better crank up that bread machine!

  12. This might get lost because I'm late in reading this post.
    Praying Mantises (spelling?) eat garden pests. I've bought mantis pods to hatch and balance my garden without pesticides. I love them.

  13. Thanks, Jillie! I guess I'm blessed to have so many of them. When do they hatch? I usually don't see them until late summer, about the same time as the spiders.

  14. You're welcome, Country. I think the pods hatch depending on the season in whichever part of the country you're in. The ones I bought hatched middle-to-late Summer, as well. The babies are so cute. I love the way they turn their heads to look right at you.

  15. I know! When I'm taking pictures of them, they will turn their heads and stare right at me! I have one now who is living along the wall under the spider web. Guess he is going to try to catch the stuff that falls out of the web. Do they catch bugs with their front legs? Wish I could see the babies. They are always at least an inch long before I see them. Do they lay eggs in the ground? What can I do to encourage them to stick around?

  16. You're obviously doing everything right to get them to your garden in the first place! They make these paper-like pod things in which to lay eggs. It attaches to a twig and sort of hangs there looking like a little bundle of dead stuff. They're really territorial, too. They'll fight and eat (ewwe) a mantis that is not from the 'hood, or if and old one thinks there are too many babies. Population control, I suppose. I've seen them grab insects with their "hands."
    I think I just grossed myself out.

  17. I've never seen them with their dinner "in hand". Do they just attach their eggs to twigs or branches in trees or do they use plants, too? How big are the egg cases? When do that lay them? Do they start out sort of pale green in color and then gradually get old and brown or is that a male/female thing?

    My garden spider has a great big egg case at the top of his web. I'll have to take a picture of it.

  18. Egg case: (Not my pic) The babies I've seen are green as can be. Paste this if the pic doesn't come through:

  19. I'm going to have to look around for egg cases. They would certainly be easy to miss. They don't look like much, do they?

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