Life after Ike

I feel like I lost a day or two from my life.  Ike came calling Saturday evening and stuck around until about noon on Sunday.  I got to work Sunday morning, because I left at 6:00 am and it was dark and I could see how much water there was everywhere. 

By the time I got off work, all the rivers were out of their banks and I couldn't get back home.  I was lucky because our house is on a hill, and even though all of the soybean fields on our farm were flooded, we didn't have any wind or water damage to our house.  And I was able to spend the night at our son's house, so it wasn't too bad.  Certainly not as bad as a lot of people who have been really suffering. 

It was cloudy all day today, with just a break in the clouds as the sun went down.  I took this with the foliage setting, I think, to try to get the colors to be truer. 





Here's basically the same shot taken with either the landscape setting or on automatic.  I change the settings so much all the time now, that I forget which setting I've used for which picture.  My hubby went out yesterday to take pictures of all the water.  I had left the camera on manual setting, which he didn't think was right, so he changed it and ended up taking  movie clips.  Some of them are really funny.  I have several clips of him walking where all you can see is the tips of his shoes on the gravel.  He's done something with the camera that I haven't tried yet! 

No work tomorrow.  I'm ready for a day off! 

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3 Responses to Life after Ike

  1. Amy Sue says:

    Glad you are all safe! What a scary ordeal…I feel for all the people who are suffering from this disastrous event.

  2. Me, too. We are among the lucky ones who had a minor inconvenience. My daughter is still in Tulsa. Doesn't know when she will go home to Houston. Their house in fine. They lost a few trees, which is a minor thing. Still no electricity. But there are so many others who lost everything.

  3. Karen Lynn says:

    Yeah, it was rough in Texas. This isn't the first time a hurricane wiped out Galveston. It happened at the turn of the century. It was far worse, because the United States would not transmit the hurricane warnings from Cuba, which was also wiped out. So many people died. I wonder if they will rebuild again? I sure wouldn't want beachfront property there. yikes.

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