Moda rag quilted table runner finished

I finally finished the Moda friends and flowers table runner that I have been working on for almost a month!  I was a special order from S.T., who wanted another Moda friends and flowers to go with one she had purchased earlier.  I was able to find one Friends and Flowers collection on eBay so I could make this runner.  It really turned out nice.  Thanks, S.T.!

I worked on the runner all day today, so no pictures of anything else.  I did sell two more items on Etsy today, so it was a good day.  I need to get busy making things for Christmas.  I think it is already too late for fall things.  I might make one or two if I have the fabric already.  I'll have to take inventory! 

I did get my computer table cleaned off.  It was getting stacked pretty high, and I payed bills and balanced both check books.

We had half an inch of rain last night, and a little bit more late this afternoon, so I didn't have to water anything.  It is going to be much cooler this week.  I need to get some plants moved back inside. 

May not happen for awhile.  I work every day for the next five days, so don't panic if you don't hear from me for a few days.  Have a good week, everyone! 

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10 Responses to Moda rag quilted table runner finished

  1. Karen Lynn says:

    You have a good week too gf. We had rain too (yay to no watering) and the cooler temperatures have moved in already. Our HIGH today is 58. It definitely feels and looks like fall now. The weather guy is saying there's a possibility of a freeze this week :((( I don't want my flowers to die yet!

  2. We had 46 here this morning. I haven't brought any flowers in yet, so I hope it doesn't cool off too much yet. Most of my flowers in the yard are over the hill. I take most of my houseplants outside for the summer, so I have to get them moved back in.

  3. Karen Lynn says:

    It is a race for the first frost! :((

  4. You're on, gf! You will probably win this one, but we live down in a valley and usually have a frost well before most other people around here do. We had 44 this morning.

  5. Atlantis says:

    Your table runner is so cute. I've yet to try anything raggy as yet, but intend to do so one day. Do you know if it's easy to do by hand?At the moment, I'm yearning for frost too. We're only just into spring, and nearly cracking 100 already. It's been predicted that we're in for a long, hot summer. I need to invest in some air conditioning so that I can keep on quilting!

  6. Karen Lynn says:

    42 here this morning. Possibly frost tomorrow. But I think we are getting a warmup next week…it is warm out west, that usually heads our way unless we've got a Canadian air flow (which isn't unusual this time of the year) lol

  7. I haven't tried doing much by hand. I guess it would be possible. I'm working on a runner now that isn't rag quilted. Time will tell if it works out!

  8. It was a little warmer here, but not much. I got my gloves out to drive to work. My hands get so cold. I think it is supposed to be warmer here over the weekend. I haven't watched the weather.

  9. Karen Lynn says:

    We're supposed to get a frost overnight tonight. I guess I'll be cleaning out the garden tomorrow. Hopefully it won't kill everything. I just want to hang on to blooming season a little bit longer.Your quilts are lovely gf. Stunning :))

  10. Thanks, gf! I really do enjoy quilting, but working has put a serious hurt on my time. When I am home, I have so many other things that need to be done.
    I still haven't brought it any of my plants, but I am thinking about it. Does that count?

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