Monday, Monday

Wow!  Working for five days in a row makes it hard to keep up with my blog and my neighbors!  I got home early on Saturday, and still had enough energy to take my camera outside.  Lady was nice enough to pose for me, no cropping or zooming!  Look how green the grass still is, and it's October already.  Still no frost here, although it was in the low 40s one morning. 


You can see fall coming in this photo of the lake.  It not blatantly obvious, but you can see the subtle changes in the grass and the trees.  The water level in the lake has usually dropped by this time of year, but this year we have had enough rain to keep it almost full. 


I have cosmos in my flower bed by the house, the they look so much more stunning with the lake in the background.  Part of it is just the lack of clutter, and then the color contrast is perfect. 

I got quite a bit done today.  I finished my laundry that I had started a couple of days ago, and dug up several plants that I had in my flower bed that won't survive a frost.  I also brought my big plant stand back in the house along with three or four of my big house plants.  I'm going to leave my Christmas cactus outside until it gets colder. 

I also worked on a fall table runner this afternoon.  I had machine appliqued leaves on it, and today I finished the stems, and free-hand quilted it.  It turned out pretty good.  I had never tried doing anything like that before.  I'm going to have to look for some border fabric tomorrow.  I'll try to remember to take a picture, too. 





I was going to stay out a few more minutes and let the sun get a little lower, but my batteries died and I didn't have any extras with me. 

Work again tomorrow, then I'm off for two days.  Yeah! 

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6 Responses to Monday, Monday

  1. Atlantis says:

    That's a great photo of Lady … she was extremely considerate to pose so well for you! Do you think she can teach my cats how to do that?

  2. Usually she jumps up and runs away when I get this close. It was luck, not skill! Sorry about the cats. I don't have any shots of mine.

  3. She is such a good dog. I wish everyone could be blessed to have a pet like her.

  4. Art and Tea says:

    Lovely pictures! I think the cosmos is an vastly underrated flower. they are beautiful. Your dog is a sweetie.

  5. Thanks! They have their own unique color, too. They get too tall in my flower bed, but they are perfect down by the lake.

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