Sunny country Wednesday

Here's a close up of the homespun leaf table runner that I am working on.  For some reason, I couldn't add any more pictures yesterday.  All the quilting is done free hand with the machine.  I didn't mark anything.  I like the way it turned out. 

I wasn't exhausted when I got home last night a little after 9:00, but I didn't last very long!  I'm doing better with the long days, but after about an hour at home, I'm too tired to tackle anything. 


This little yellow butterfly was sitting on this yellow flower this afternoon when I took my camera outside.  I usually don't that pictures when the sun is so bright, but I was looking for an excuse to be outside.  It is so nice, and I know it won't last forever. 









I love the bright orange and yellows of these daisy like flowers.  Does anyone know what they are? 












I've been taking pictures of my petunias all summer, but I think this one is the best yet.  The bright background being out of focus makes the flower look brighter.  No editing at all. 

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2 Responses to Sunny country Wednesday

  1. Emjay says:

    Wow! That butterfly is perfectly camouflaged with the flower! Lovely pink petunia.

  2. I know! He was exactly the same color.

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