Photo Quest #30 – Back Lit Photos

As luck would have it, I hadn't had a chance to read the rules for this week's photo quest until tonight, but happily discovered that several shots I had taken over the past few days would work perfectly! 


This is the pink petunia that I shot just after lunch when the sun was high and bright.  I may have used the portrait setting to fade the background. 


I usually don't do much editing to my photo quest entries, but this is the same petunia with fade applied evenly from the center out. 


Here is the same petunia, but with bad composition.  I'm too far away, the flower is in the wrong place, and there is too much junk in the background.  The flower is in focus, so I can edit this one down to just the flower and it will be okay. 


Here's another photo that was taken in early afternoon with full sunlight.  By taking the shot from under the blossoms, I eliminated all the clutter and got a clear blue October sky for a background.  No editing. 



This is basically the same shot, but the composition isn't as good. 













I had gone out Friday morning to take pictures of the sunrise.  I like this shot better!  The sun is just to the right of this shot, backlighting the bald cypress tree, and the foxtail in the background.  The cedar trees are in sharper focus because there is a lot of fog coming up off the lake. 




Here's the same shot, just a bit to the right.  Adding the sun detracts from the composition. 









This was taken without flash.  I had intended to take pictures of my apple pies as soon as I took them out of the oven, but it was getting late in the afternoon before I remembered.  They are sitting on my island with the sun coming in through a south facing window.  I like the way it highlights the flaky texture of the crust. 


This one was taken with flash, and doesn't have much going for it.  It's too far away and shows my dirty stove plus the floor in the dining room.  The sun lit areas are washed out.  The tin pie pans look tacky (I was making pies for our fall festival today).  The composition is bad.  Not food magazine quality! 




This time I'm posting the bad one first!  I went out early this morning to catch the sunrise.  On auto mode, my flash fired, illuminating the nasturtiums in the foreground and making them look like some weird silver mounds.  The composition isn't good, either.  The horizon is in the middle, not at the top or bottom third. 

I'm going to post serveral good sunrises.  I can't decide.  None of them are edited. 








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4 Responses to Photo Quest #30 – Back Lit Photos

  1. Amy Sue says:

    Those are all great photos! I really like the single pie…nice photo & looks delicious!

  2. kcdc0731 says:

    I really like the sunrise photos. Oh yea, the pies look delicious.

  3. Thanks, Amy! That pie went to the fall festival, but the little one I made for us was delicious. I'm going to have to make another one tomorrow.

  4. Thanks! I don't remember another sunrise looking like this one did, but maybe I just don't pay that much attention! The pie was delicious!

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