Saturday, cont.

This white cosmos is a volunteer that came up in the rocks around the wagon that is out in our front yard.  You can see what used to be the front of our house in the background. 


This hot pink cosmos is down by the lake.  The sun was so bright today that I had to use my viewfinder to frame my shots, and I kept cutting off the tops of everything. 


Can you believe how green everything still is?  It's the third week of October! 


This bush at the corner of the house is starting to get some red leaves. 















I went out looking for praying mantis egg cases, but this is all I found.  Don't know what it is.  Does anyone else?  It is hard and firmly attached to the tree. 

Hubby went down to help our youngest son finish up some details on the new deck he added to his house this summer. 

I did some laundry and more house cleaning than I have attempted in some time.  I dusted fans, moved out the couch and recliner, and brought down a bunch of cob webs.  We have really made a dent in our spider population. 

One day this week, hubby and his brother went down to the creek to pick up hedge apples.  Just about the same time that his brother made the comment that it would be painful if one of them fell off the tree and hit you in the head….  You guessed it!  One of them fell off the tree and hit hubby smack on the top of the head and knocked him to the ground!  The smallest ones where the size of large grapefruit, and they were heavy!  I should have taken some pictures.  They are huge. 

I made some more apple muffins this afternoon.  I just can't seem to get enough of them.  Also made tuna salad for supper to go on Health Nut bread from Brownberry.  It was good, and I have enough left to take a sandwich to work for lunch tomorrow. 

I still have one more project to finish tonight.  I have to put together a clip art picture that has both frogs and a sheriff's badge.  How's that for a cake decoration!  We have just about everything you can think of, except frogs and sheriff's badges.  I'm going to take some extra frogs because we get requests for frogs every once in awhile.  If I really knew what I was doing, I'm sure I could click and drag the clip art onto one document and print it out, but I'm going to have to do it the old fashioned way.  Cut out the frogs, etc, and tape them onto a sheet of paper and make a copy. 

I would like to watch the Mizzou game, but they are getting beat big time, so I may pass.  I have to work tomorrow, so I can't stay up too late anyway. 

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2 Responses to Saturday, cont.

  1. Karen Lynn says:

    Lovely photographs :)) Did I inspire you to spring clean? lolol

  2. You must have! Fortunately, the inspiration didn't last very long. LOL

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