End of summer

One last picture of my petunias to say good by to summer.  The sun came out for just a few minutes today, so I went out with my camera even though it was only about 40 degrees.  We didn't get frost last night, but it is forecast to get colder tonight.  Our wood heat really feels good!  I'm going to make potato soup for supper.  Hope we have leftovers so I can take some to work tomorrow! 

Haven't accomplished much today.  I did upload another set of pictures to iStockphotos.  I've even sold one!  I was getting a little discouraged, but there is nothing like a sale to make you want to hang in there.  Also did laundry and took a nap.  Working sure makes me sleepy! 

Received my new copy of Quilter's World.  Makes me want to get back to my sewing room and make something.  Maybe tonight! 

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2 Responses to End of summer

  1. Atlantis says:

    Your petunias are absolutely stunning! I only hope mine will crack on like yours have done – did you do anything special to make them so sumptuous?

  2. They did get a lot of afternoon sun, and I did try to water them everyday and I put fertilizer in their water almost every time. Hope yours do as well as mine did.

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