Thursday before Halloween

I went out this morning and took some interesting photo of things that had been killed by the frost we've had this week, but first I want to show off my lastest creations. 

This 10 inch square table mat is made with a tiny purple and white check homespun and flannel.  It looks very country and is listed on Etsy.


I had found this set of Moda fabrics earlier this fall and liked the unusual color combination.  It is called "Winter" and was designed by Polly Minick and Lauri Simpson for Moda. 

I have been doing laundry, etc. today, and taking pictures.  It is warm and lovely outside.  I may go back out again.  I know it won't last! 

I have to work tomorrow but I have Saturday off.  Later! 

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2 Responses to Thursday before Halloween

  1. Amy Sue says:

    You are so talented….I know, I've said this before! 🙂 I actually got my sewing machine out today & worked up a Halloween costume for my daughter. She's going to be a pirate. I had an old black skirt that I re-did to fit her & then made her a scarf belt & scarf hat. I'll post pictures later. I've decided since I have the sewing machine out, and I found a lot of material I've been saving, I just might make a quilt or two for Christmas! You've inspired me!

  2. That is the best compliment I could ever receive! I only hope you get as much enjoyment out of the process as I do. I love working with different colors and textures. I take as much pleasure in the process as I do in the finished product. Do show us pictures of your daughter's costume.

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