First day of firearms season

I took this shot on Thursday at about 2:00 in the afternoon.  It looks like it was very cold, but it was actually quite balmy.  About 60 degrees, although the wind was chilly.  I didn't put on a jacket, so I didn't stay out very long. 

It is very cold today.  Just a little above freezing.  Cloudy and windy, too.  I'm glad we don't have to depend on me to put meat on the table.  I may not even go out to take pictures.  I did walk out to the shed this morning without a coat, but I had on a sweatshirt. 

All of our deer  hunters will more than likely be in for lunch soon, so I put on a big pot of soup.  Think I'll make a frozen pizza, too.  The soup was frozen, so it's not like I'm going through a lot of work.  Don't do that any more either! 

I did finish a table runner on Thursday.  Didn't get pictures taken until this morning.  I'll try to post some later. 

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6 Responses to First day of firearms season

  1. Did you take this photo in color or black and white. Nice shot.
    I hate guns and killing animals etc. Don't know why as my dad did hunt and I actually went hunting with him for quail and rabbit. I guess I'm a gentle soul and don't like to see anything killed.
    but my son is super hunter. If he isn't hunting he is fishing. This year he got a deer and an antelope. He took his wife on a deer hunt for their 13 anniversary! Wouldn't have been my He now has three freezers, one for fish and one for game. Last year he got to elk. I don't know where he gets his hunting genes from as neither his dad or or hunt. but it is his passion and I do send congrats when he send photos of his latest kill.

  2. I took three different shots from the very same space, but I'm not sure about the settings. I think one was foliage, one was in auto mode, and maybe one in landscape. But I really can't tell them apart. I need to take notes, or I could look up the specs on the editing page.
    My dad was a hunter and went fishing, too, but it was to survive. After he got married at the age of 40, I don't think he ever went hunting again, and only went fishing a couple to times. He took all of us once, but all I can remember is the bugs!
    Only one of our sons is into hunting and fishing. I wouldn't mind being out there, but with a camera instead of a gun. However, I must say that we feed the deer all year, even though they don't pay much attention to fences, and if someone doesn't hunt them, they will over populate, as we don't have many natural predators any more. They are a terrible risk on the highway. Everyone of us has hit at least one.

  3. Yes, the hunters do serve a purpose in keeping the deer population down. I just couldn't do it but my son is so into hunting. I guess someone has to do it! lol

  4. grannyjewell says:

    Looks like your getting back into the old grind. I don't miss working that much but I find I miss the schudeling. It is really easy for me to say I'll do that later and just never get arround to it.
    Hunting season is in full swing here. The dove hunting has been going on for quit a while now.(weekends only dusk to dawn) Deer hunting is really a little further north than I am but they do have some out in the Ranch land area.

  5. I don't think I could do it, even for survival. I would rather be a vegetarian.

  6. Well maybe for survival, but that would be the only way!

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