Country By Design quilted pillow

Here's the top of the pillow that I am working on.  I hand quilted around the eagle, but the rest of the quilting is done on by machine. 












Here's the back of the pillow.  It is all machine quilted.  I should have finished it today, but I was having issues with my computer, so I messed around with it for a long time.  I couldn't get my Windows Mail account to open because it said that it was already open.  Finally called my ISP and they fixed it as quick as a wink.  Then I had over 70 messages to go through.  I hadn't even turned my computer on over the weekend. 

My daugher wanted to know how to fix the 23 pound turkey she bought today.  She is hosting our family get together on Friday.  It will be the first time I haven't fixed a turkey for Thanksgiving in so long that I don't remember. 

Tomorrow I will be spend the morning at the school that my oldest daughter's girls attend.  It is Grandparent's Day.  Last year was the first time I was able to go.  It really means a lot to them.  It will be nice to see them again. 

Think I'm going to go watch football for a few.  Too late to start sewing. 

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