Tuesday talk

I didn't get outside with my camera today.  I did take this sunset shot last Friday.  The clouds and contrails were interesting. 

This morning we went down to the city to attend Grandparent's Day at the school our granddaughters attend.  It was nice to see them again.  We hadn't seen them since they were out here this summer.  We also went by their house so we could see their little brother, the one I took care of last year.  He is so grown up now!  Of course, he didn't have any idea who we were.  He would give us kisses, but that was it. 

We came back home this afternoon, and I went to work on my computer again.  My printer still won't turn on.  Thank goodness I don't have to have a printer very often.  I was trying to print so information about long distance phone service.  We have been with MCI, but we are thinking about going with someone else.  They cut off our long distance service last night, so we are just going to leave it that way. 

I would like to go with HughesNet so I could get a high speed connection for my computer, and we could use Vonage for our phone service.  Does anyone out there use this arrangement?  Do you like it?  Having a high speed connection would be so nice.  And not having to share the phone line would be nice, too. 

My hubby has been begging for tuna melts for dinner, so I fixed them tonight.  Last night I fixed a new chicken recipe.  I've already thrown out the recipe, but the chicken was really nice.  This is the second time I have purchased Harvestland chicken at Wal-Mart.  It is a natural product with no hormones or steroids.  It is a little bit more expensive, but it is worth it.  The chicken breasts were individually wrapped so you could just toss them in the freezer if you didn't want to cook all of them.  The whole chicken was so well wrapped that it wasn't dripping like they usually are.  

I didn't get any quilting done today.  All this computer stuff is a pain.  I hope I have most of it figured out.  Still gotta see what is going on with my printer.  I tried a live chat this afternoon, but that didn't work.  Think I'll wait until tomorrow to try it again.  May try calling the people I bought it from. 


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2 Responses to Tuesday talk

  1. yancunyong says:

    Happy Grandparent's Day (^^)What a wonderful sunset shot this is!Following the rule-of-thirds is also nice.

  2. Thank you. I took another one of these sunset shots and intensfied the colors and made them darker. It turned out pretty cool! I like having the grid lines on my camera screen. Sure makes it easier to get the horizon where I want it.

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