More Thanksgiving leftovers

Here's another photo from the day before Thanksgiving.  This is little C with her Lady.  It is hard to believe that is was still so nice and warm that day.  It has been cold again here today.  It didn't bother me too much, because I didn't feel up to par, so I just laid around all day anyway.  Glad I didn't have to go to work!  I was supposed to be off yesterday, and work today, but I traded with someone.  I took the pillow to work with me yesterday since it was a custom order.  She really liked it. 

I did do a little work on baby bibs today.  My son wanted me to make some for their one year old twins that have rib knit necks that are a bigger size and not as easy to get off.  I made one for a pattern on Friday.  Hubby took it to their house on Saturday.  I made it using a cheap hand towel and the rib knit neck from an old turtleneck shirt.  The hole on my first one was too big, but the one I made today really looks nice.  I'm going to think about putting appliques on the front.  I may have to get one of Darcy's books.  They would like bunnies and doggies. 

Does anyone have a source for rib knit fabric?  It must not be popular right now. 

I have to work for the next three days, then hubby has surgery on Thursday.  Don't know when I will get to catch up with my neighbors again.  Stay warm, everyone!

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4 Responses to More Thanksgiving leftovers

  1. Thanks, Seph! I finally found some at, a web site that caters to people who make their own diapers! If that doesn't work out, I'll check out your link.

  2. Seph says:

    Oh good! There were some at the link I sent, but not a lot of options and very few that seemed kid-like.

  3. I received my order yesterday. It is very nice fabric.

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