Good grief, again!

I can't believe it has been 11 days since I posted anything!  Well, yes, I can believe it.  I have been really busy!

This picture was taken just before Christmas.  Our son came by with his three kids.  This is his 20 month old daughter.  She is a sweetie! 

We had a fantastic Christmas!  Plenty of food, but not too much.  I manage to not overeat, for the first time ever!  The weather was decent, no snow.  It was really warm yesterday when we had 38 people at our house, but it was raining all the time, so no one could go outside.  I was busy with food or babies all day so very few pictures. 

It was hard to get back in the swing of things today at work.  I had been home for three days in a row.  We weren't busy today, so we were just doing whatever cakes to put in the cake case.  How do you decorate a cake at the end of December?  No one wants holiday or winter cakes anymore.  It's too early for Valentine's Day.  I tried making violets today, and also some chocolate roses.  Another girl and I decorated about 26 cakes today by ourselves.  We made quite a variety.  It will be interesting to see what sells. 

I work again tomorrow and the next day.  I'm off on Wednesday.  I will try to catch up with all of my neighbors then.  It is bedtime now. 

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2 Responses to Good grief, again!

  1. Emjay says:

    Your grandaughter is very cute! I also did not overeat this Christmas – mainly because there was only myself and husband and so I did not feel compelled to cook a lot.
    LOL – about the cakes. My son's birthday is today (yesterday in Oz) … I'm sure he would still like a cake.

  2. We are still making birthday cakes, and anniversary and retirement cakes, but the holiday party cake rush is over.

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