New Year’s Eve

Here's one of my favorite Christmas photos.  Lady enjoying a bit of sunshine and peace and quite before we were invaded by a hoard of relatives. 

I have spent a good deal of time today trying to find some information about AT&T cell phone plans.  We discovered that even though AT&T doesn't show that we have any service here (neither does anyone else), AT&T phones do work here if you stand in one corner of the house by the Christmas tree!  That is better than nothing, which is what we have now.  I can't get their web site to open.  What's up anyway?

I'm finally dealing with the leftover turkey carcass.  I didn't get to cook the turkey until Saturday.  When I went downstairs to get it on Christmas Day so I could put it in the oven, I couldn't find it.  Finally I went back upstairs and ask my hubby where he put the turkey.  I had sent him downstairs with it on Wednesday evening, after it had spend Tuesday night and all day Wednesday in the car.  "In the freezer", was his answer.  So needless to say, we didn't have turkey for Christmas Dinner.  Thank goodness I had also bought ham, so that saved the day. 

Then I forgot to get the turkey back out of the freezer until sometime on Friday, so when I went to get it on Saturday, it was still frozen.  Nothing to do but put it in the oven just like a block of ice.  I started it off early, and at a lower temperature than usual, and it turned out great!  I usually don't do anything with the giblets anyway, so when we took the turkey out of the oven, we just threw them away. 

After we ate on Saturday, I put the turkey back in the roasting pan, covered it up, and put it out on the porch inside the grill to keep the critters out of it.  It stayed cold enough to keep it just fine.  Decided I had best do something with it today, though.  Still haven't decided what to make.  Just can't get inspired.  What are your favorite ways to use leftover turkey? 

I did take time to put some of my plants back in their preholiday places, and water them.  They were all getting dried out!  I managed to kill the poinsettia that my daughter gave me.  I had it by the window, but I think it got too much heat, even though I had the heat vent closed.  I bought an amaryllis before Christmas, too, but it is not doing much.  I'll be lucky to have flowers by Valentine's Day.  All I have are two tiny little sprouts. 

Got my check book balanced but I haven't paid bills yet.  Did get a couple to loads of clothes washed.  It has been cold today, but at least the sun has been shining.  A good way to end 2008.  Happy New Year, everyone!


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8 Responses to New Year’s Eve

  1. Amy Sue says:

    What a great photo of your dog!
    A simple recipe I've used with leftover turkey (besides the usual turkey soup or turkey pot-pie) is a turkey roll. That's the name I give it, but it might be called something else. I buy the Rhodes frozen bread loaves. After one of the loaves thaws out, I roll it out on a pan. I add turkey, ranch dressing, broccoli, cheddar cheese (or anything else that sounds good). I roll the loaf up so it looks like a log. Bake at 350 until the bread is brown & done. Cut in sections and enjoy!
    Have a Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. Yumm! That does sound good. We are making a real effort to cut back on the bread this year. I love it, but my body complains when I eat products with wheat in them. I don't get a severe reaction. It just makes me feel bloated and lousy.
    I was going to put the turkey in the bottom of a baking dish, then top it with dressing and gravy before sticking it in the oven. I ended up just shredding the turkey and putting it in gravy. We still had some leftover potatoes, so I just nuked some veggies and made some Stovetop stuffing to go with it. I love the new steamable bags of frozen veggies. There is simply no excuse for not fixing them.

  3. grannyjewell says:

    I have AT&T Cell's and they are fine for service but they seem to be much more expesive then other plans I have had in the past. I only get 450 mins a month and it cost me with tax and everything 85.00 a month per phone I had two phones it is a minimum 2 yr contract which is something else I really didn't like so be careful.

  4. Wow! I picked up a info folder from AT&T yesterday. It looks like we could get two phones with 700 minutes for $69.00. Of course that doesn't include tax, etc. I think we will just keep muddling through for the time being. My cell phone works if we go up on top of the hill, or I can make calls from work on my breaks. I use email for most of my correspondence anyway.

  5. grannyjewell says:

    Ya, well my phones were free but I forgot to ask about the cost of my service and then when I was done it got my first bill for 85.00 per phone a month.

  6. Yikes! There's no such thing as a free lunch, is there.

  7. The AT&T service in your area is about how it is at my house. We are right at the edge of the service border and get our best service in the driveway and my roommates room.We have been using them since we moved out here in 96, (when it was still Southwestern Bell,lol) I made a point of researching the coverage area and found that they have always had the best coverage for the area. It has improved over the years too, I remember when we would go in to Troy to go shopping we could get service in the parking lot but not the store. Or on the drive from our place to Troy there were lots of gaps in the service, but now we can get service pretty much the whole drive and even in the some of the stores now.

  8. We have decided to just go with no long distance service for right now. In an emergency, we can always go over to my hubby's brother's house. He lives just across the road, about a mile from our front door.
    When I get home, I am going to check in with a local provider of high speed service. A company in Bowling Green offers both and someone else. I saw one of their ads in the local free paper. That would solve two problems. I could have high speed internet access, and we could go with Vonnage for long distance. I would still keep my cell phone because it is a free phone on my son's plan and I don't use very many minutes, mostly just for emergencies, etc.

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