Part of another project done!

Here's my first finished place mat of the set of four that go with the table runner.  I decided the Fields and Furrows pattern worked best with the fabrics I had.  The whole project was made with fabrics from my stash.  I really like the red border.  I finished another place mat this morning.  I am hand stitching the binding on the back side.  I need to check to make sure I have enough batting and backing to finish the table runner.  I think I have enough fabric for the binding. 

It was 60 degrees here yesterday afternoon, but it sure looks and feels like winter today.  We had another snow shower earlier.  I'm fixing baked potatoes for lunch again today.  I made pototo soup last night. 

Still have some computer work that I need to do this afternoon, then I can do some more sewing.  Yeah!

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5 Responses to Part of another project done!

  1. Emjay says:

    I love the red border! The whole thing looks great but I think the border ties it together and sets it off. Mmmm…. baked potatoes! Just as well I have just eaten or I would be running to the kitchen now!

  2. I went a little outside my comfort zone with the red border, but I really like it. I'm usually way too conservative.

  3. Thanks! I had to go outside my comfort zone to use red with the blue and white, but I really like it.
    The pototoes really hit the spot. I'm trying to simplify this year. Can't get much easier than that.

  4. Emjay says:

    I love colour – bright, bold colour. I'm very comfortable wearing colour and living surrounded by it……. though I remember MANY years ago buying some bright turquise silk material for my grandmother to have a dress made out of and she said that "mature women should not wear colour' . I think she thought it made complexions look sallow. It is good to get out of our comfort zones occasionally.

  5. I'm definately a mouse rather than a peacock! I thought I was being incredibly brave when I bought a pair of red leather gloves.

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