Busy day in Texas

Wow!  I had a busy day today in Texas and it didn't include on minute of television.

I didn't set my alarm this morning, because the girls are usually up by 6:00.  This morning they slept until 7:30!  I thought that I still had enough time to get them to school at 9:00, but when I looked at my notes, they were supposed to be at school by 8:30.  It was then 8:25.  Needless to say, they were late. 

I stopped by Hobby Lobby on my way home to pick up some supplies to fix some of their princess costumes.  They have several, including two new  ones that I got for them on Sunday.  Last night I fixed Jasmine.  Today I worked on Belle until it was time to pick them up from school.  No TV in the room where I was sewing. 

One of the twins, "I", had her Sleeping Beauty dress on within minutes of walking in the door.  Then they both ate a snack and wanted to watch a movie.  Unfortunately, they wanted to watch Sleeping Beauty, which was broken and wouldn't play.  I finally convinced them to watch Cinderella, and within five minutes, "I" was asleep on the couch.  She didn't take a nap yesterday, so I'm sure she was tired.  "A" was tired, too, but she wanted her "rings" and we could only  find four.  She thinks she needs six or more!  After an hour or so of stalling/looking, I gave up and got out the secret stash that her Mom keeps for emergencies.  This was getting to be an emergency!  Grammy was about to go crazy.

With three or four rings on each finger, she ate dinner, then laid down on the couch and promptly fell asleep.  She did let me take her fairy wings off.  She was wearing her Snow White dress.  Those dresses look to me like they would be itchy, but they won't wear anything under them. 

So now they are both asleep on the couch and it will be their bedtime soon.  Help!

I'll try to find a picture or two to post.


This may be the only picture I get of "I" with real clothes on.  She usually puts on one of her costumes as soon as she gets up.  She is also wearing her fairy wings that I "brought" for them.  Actually their mother picked them up earlier that day so I could "give" them to them. 


This is the way she looks most of the time, although the newness of the fairy wand and wings is starting to wear off.  But not the costumes!


This one is of "I".  She wears regular clothes more often than her sister does.  Thank goodness she also always wears a necklace, so if I'm not sure which one is which, that is my clue. 


Here is a better picture of "A".  The humidity is so low down here that their lips are chapped. 


Here's the drama queen with some of her jewelry.  She never met a braclet or a ring that she didn't like.  She wears the same necklace all the time, so she can put on all of her stuff by herself.  She does tend to take it off and leave it in odd places, which is why we still can find the rings she had yesterday.  Guess I'd better stop by the store and pick up a few extras tomorrow!









Last picture!  I really like this one.  "A", with her leotard, tutu, and fairy wings telling her mom goodbye on Saturday. 

I didn't take any pictures today.  They go to gymnastics tomorrow.  They don't have to be there until 11:30.  Maybe I can get them there on time!  I'll take my camera, too.  It was fairly warm here today, but a bit windy.   

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2 Responses to Busy day in Texas

  1. Seph says:

    Wow. Those are some cute kids! They'll be breaking hearts for sure. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I think they are cute, but then I know I'm prejudiced. LOL

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